Nothing escapes the LitterBuggy®

Swallows your rubbish hook, line and sinker!

Whether it's fishing line, hooks, shot, sweet wrappers crisp packets or car park stickers, LitterBuggy® will keep it safe and secure.
With its easy to use brush opening, once litter is placed in LitterBuggy® it stays in LitterBuggy®

LitterBuggy won the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust's Business Innovation award (in association with Npower) for 2004. The award is in recognition of exceptional support for wildlife conservation.
Innovation Award for LitterBuggy presented by Johnny Ball

Uses for LitterBuggy® include:- Angling, car tidy, dressmaking, golf, cycling, ramblers, model making, camping, caravans, motorcycling and many outdoor activities - Safeguarding the environment.